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ADHD Diet Plan – Improve your Child’s Behavior by eliminating artificial ingredients.

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The ADHD Diet Plan is a six week step by step program to help you pinpoint and eliminate the chemicals and artificial ingredients in your diet.  I struggled for years with my daughter’s behavior, and what I thought were ADHD symptoms.  After researching the causes and treatments for ADHD and behavior issues I decided to change our eating habits.  I eliminated artificial ingredients and within 36 hours my daughter was like a new person.  I know this works and very soon you will know too.

I made the changes all at one time, which is a radical change that not all families are willing or able to undertake.  Our proven ADHD Diet Plan takes you through the process in six weeks, step by step.  You can begin it at any time and go at your own pace.  Each week I focus on a specific group of additives, give you all the information you need to make the switch for that week, and most importantly, cheer you on.  What can you expect from making these changes?  Most people start to see a difference in their child’s behavior within the first week.  If you need a little more persuading about whether making the change to an all natural diet is worth the trouble, please take a minute to read these success stories.  The feeling you get from watching your child transform right before your eyes is like none other.

Before you start, it’s important that you read this article I wrote for Circle of Moms, called “How Artificial Ingredients Can Lead to Artificial Kids”  for some background on how we got where are today.  For a little inspiration and motivation, read the Success Stories from other Moms who have followed the Challenge.

Six Week ADHD Diet Plan:

Week One: Artificial Colors and Flavors

Week Two: Preservatives

Week Three: Excitotoxins (artificial sweeteners and MSG)

Week Four: Artificial Fragrances

Week Five: Body Care 

Week Six: Medications, Supplements, and things to watch for


A few helpful links to help you get started with the ADHD Diet Plan:

Also be sure to check out the Recipes tab at the top of the page for many more all natural recipes.
If you ever have any questions about anything related to behavior or eating an all natural diet, or are just in need of some support,  don’t hesitate to email me at contact.ourfamilyeats [at] gmail [dot] com, or leave a comment.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the information?  Do you need direction or support?  Want answers from someone who’s been in your shoes?  Let me help!  I offer personalized consulting services to help you manage the entire process so you can see the results you want in no time.  I even offer meal planning services to make the change a breeze.  Check out my services page for more information.  You can do this!

ADHD Diet Collage 445x1024 ADHD Diet Plan

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