An All Natural Halloween…and a Giveaway!

All Natural Giveaway

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays to enjoy with the kids.  But all that candy – well, it scares me.  (Pun intended.)  Every year we end up with bowls and bags of candy for weeks, even months.  I’ve been known to stuff Christmas stockings with leftover Halloween candy.  I’m all for enjoying the fun of the holiday and letting kids be kids, but the

Hearty Chicken and Mushroom Fricassee

chicken fricassee

Is there anything better than the word “fricassee”?  Not in my book.  This is really, at its core, a soul-warming meal, perfect for cooler weather and longer nights.  It’s a meal you want to savor while you spend an extra moment or two gathered around the table with your family.  In our hectic lives it’s important to remember to look at the big picture.  I’ve