Balsamic Dijon Pork Loin with Sweet Potatoes, Onions, and Carrots

Balsamic Pork Loin#

A simple recipe for Balsamic Dijon Pork Loin with sweet potatoes, onions, and carrots that cooks all in one pan.  A great option for a healthy gluten free, dairy free, and paleo meal.   For the last few weeks we’ve been living through the chaos of a move, which is why the blog has been […]

Shrimp with Red Chili Coconut Sauce

Coconut Chili Shrimp 2

When I’m looking for a change in my dinner time routine I like to throw a little seafood into the mix.  But my sweet husband is just not much of a seafood lover.  One thing we can both agree on is shrimp.  Since shrimp is so versatile I can easily come up with ways to […]

Be Active and Snack Well with Smucker’s *Giveaway*


This “Make a Natural Difference” post is sponsored by Smucker’s.  Smucker’s, Laura Scudder’s, and Adams Natural Peanut Butters have teamed up with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) for their “Make a Natural Difference” campaign.  Smucker’s wants to make sure we all know how important it is to stay active during the winter months.  What are some […]

On the Side: Protect yourself with McAfee

This is not food related, but I consider this a bit of a public service message.  After the huge data breach at Target, and possibly other retailers, over the holiday season I’ve been feeling extremely vulnerable, dare I say paranoid, anytime I’m online.  Which is a whole lot of the time.  I do everything from […]

Slow Cooker Game Day Chili

Football Chili 2

My husband loves chili.  Specifically he loves my chili.  It’s one of our favorite comfort foods all winter long.  So when I told him I was going to try something new he quickly asked why I wanted to mess perfection.  But when I told him that I was working on a steak chili he relaxed […]

Make a Natural Difference *Giveaway*

Fort Collage

Make a Natural Difference with Smuckers Smucker’s, Laura Scudder’s, and Adam’s Natural Peanut Butters have teamed up with the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) for their “Make a Natural Difference” campaign.  The mission of the NPCA is to protect and enhance America’s national parks for present and future generations.  I’m proud to be an ambassador […]

Oven Roasted Beef Brisket


Each year for our Christmas dinner I make a standing rib roast.  It’s been a family tradition for nine years running.  Everyone looks forward to my standing rib roast because it’s easily the most indulgent meal of the year.  My entire family counts on this meal, literally not eating a thing just to make sure […]

Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Bake

Pasta Red Pepper Sauce

A big dish of pasta loaded with cheese?  Sign me up for some of that.  You too?  Then you will fall head over heels in love with this Roasted Red Pepper Pasta Bake.  Everyone in our family is infatuated with this recipe, so much that they voted to have it two weeks in a row.  […]