20 Minute Parmesan Tilapia, and a story about a picky eater

GFree Parmesan Crusted Tilapia

I wouldn’t say anyone in my family loves fish.  Other than me, that is.  The rest of the people in my house are convinced that they hate fish.  That proves to be quite challenging for this seafood lover.  But as with all food challenges in my house, I haven’t backed down.  I like to believe […]

Beef and Potato Casserole (Moussaka)

Moussaka (Beef and Potato Casserole) gluten free

Before we had two kids and all of the responsibility that comes along with them, my husband and I spent most of our free time traveling to far away places.  We were obsessed with seeing new places and learning about other cultures.  Without fail, as soon as a new destination came up in a conversation […]

Picky Eater Strategies – Play with Your Food


You all know that encouraging picky eaters is a cause that’s dear to my heart.  I’ve kept no secrets about my own dinnertime struggles with two “choosey eaters”.  I know that this is a problem that plagues many of you as well.  So how do you turn meal time back into fun time?  Play with […]

Picky Eater Strategies – the first step

Picky eater strategies

It wasn’t that long ago that our family made the switch from eating a highly processed diet of convenience foods to an all natural diet.  I first decided to make the changes because of my daughter’s ADHD-like symptoms, but became ever more determined to make the changes after researching the common additives in processed foods […]