5 Easy Ways to Gently Detox

Since we adopted an all natural lifestyle to support my daughter’s health we’ve had nothing but amazing results – better behavior, improved focus, and great sleeping habits are just some of the things we’ve seen happen.  The families that have followed my plan report seeing the same changes in their children, too.

Even with the best of intentions, there are times when artificial ingredients are unavoidable.  Whether it happens at a friend’s house, at school, or just because we choose to bend the rules, we occasionally see a reaction to something that sends my daughter into a tailspin.

When those times are upon us I want to support her body’s natural ability to detox as much as I can.  I like to keep things gentle, since she’s still a child – no juice cleanses or strange supplements.  We just try to keep things as natural as possible so the body can focus on what it needs to do.

These are the tips I use for gently detoxing after an exposure to artificial ingredients, but they can also be used for anyone who wants to support their body’s natural detoxification systems.  Please keep in mind that this post is for informational purposes only.  You should always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet.

5 Ways to Gently Detox ourfamilyeats.com

 1.  Drink plenty of water:
The first thing I do when we need to detox from artificial ingredients is increase our water intake.  Water can help flush toxins from your system so I make sure we are drinking at least 8 glasses of clean, filtered water each day, but especially when we’re seeing a behavior reaction from eating artificial ingredients.  I like to add a squeeze of fresh lemon to a few glasses to support the liver, too.  You read more about the benefits of drinking lemon water here.  

2.  Eat as clean as possible
When I’m positive I’m seeing a behavior reaction from eating something with problematic ingredients I pay special attention to making sure we follow clean eating rules.  I try to focus on real food – fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, and proteins – and avoid as much processed foods as possible.  This way the body isn’t slowed down by processing any extra additives.  We try to stick to unprocessed foods for at least 24-36 hours after a reaction has started.

3.  Move your body
Movement and exercise can help speed up the body’s blood flow and can boost your metabolism, which can help detoxify the body.  Plus, plenty of exercise is essential for high energy children.  It’s even better if you can exercise outdoors since outdoor time has been shown to help calm kids who suffer from ADHD symptoms.  Go for a bike ride, visit a playground, or just walk around the neighborhood, anything to get the blood pumping.

4.  Probiotics
I make sure everyone in our family takes a probiotic on a regular basis.  Keeping the gut healthy and happy is a big priority for me to support immunity and general health.  After an exposure to artificial ingredients I make sure my kids get the maximum amount of probiotics recommended by our pediatrician for the next few days following the exposure.  We currently use the Yum Yum Dolphilus Chewable Probiotics for Kids by Jarrow.    If you have any questions about probiotics check with your pediatrician.

5.  Take a Detox Bath
If you’ve been around here long you know how much I love detox baths.  I try to have my kids take one at least once a week.  They’re very simple and effective at supporting the body’s detox process.  You can read more about all the different kinds of detox baths here.  My favorite is the Epsom Salt Bath for helping rid the body of toxins.  Simply add about 2 cups of high quality Epsom salt to a warm bath and soak for about 15-20 minutes.  I like to have my children do this right before bedtime because it’s so calming for them.  You can read more about the benefits of Epsom salt baths here.

Do you have any tips for things you like to do to support a gentle detox?  I’d love to hear them!  

As always, this post is for informational purposes only and should not take the place of professional medical advice.  You should always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet or lifestyle.

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