Essential Oils Every Home Needs: Peace and Calming

A while back I shared with you guys about how much we love our Young Living Essential Oils around my house.  Not a day goes by that I don’t use at least one or two oils, usually it’s more like five or six.  The fact that I have all these 100% natural solutions at my fingertips is a dream come true.

Now I’m back to share another of my must-have essential oils.  This time I’m joining 10 other bloggers to introduce you to each of the oils we consider to be essential oils every home needs and give you a chance to win your own.  So be sure to click along to visit the other blogs to learn more because this is going to be fabulous!

Must Have Oils

I’m excited to share with you all about my second favorite (after lavender, of course) Young Living oil for my active kiddos.  It’s called Peace & Calming.  It’s a blend of several oils including Ylang Ylang, Blue Tansy, and Orange.  The name of this oil says it all – it has never failed to bring Peace & Calming to our house.  It goes hand in hand with Lavender at night for sleeping issues, but I’ve found so many other uses for this oil.


One of my favorite things about this oil is how it helps my daughter settle down at any time of the day.  The first week we had our bottle of Peace & Calming oil I tried putting a drop on the back of my daughter’s neck each morning before school.  While her behavior has been changed forever by my ADHD Diet Plan, her need to talk at all times has never changed.  For the most part she can control it but she is just so darn social she has a hard time cutting out the chatter at school.  It was something I’d just resigned myself to dealing with for the rest of her elementary school career.  The little check marks on her conduct calendar once or twice a week was nothing compared to what we had dealt with before we cut out artificial ingredients.  At the end of the very first week we used Peace & Calming each morning I got a surprise I never saw coming –  she was awarded the Best Conduct Award for her class!  That wasn’t only a first, it was a minor miracle.

The look on Sophie’s face when she came home with that award was one of those Mom Moments where you just let go and cry happy tears in front of the whole bus stop crew.  Her confidence soared, and those last few months of school were such a breeze – no notes from school, no lectures from me.  I can’t tell you how fantastic it felt to have that weight lifted off our shoulders.

Since summer started I’ve been using Peace & Calming more than ever.  I mean, I love summer and all, but the sibling fighting around here is enough to make me want to campaign for year-round classes.  But after a few minutes of diffusing Peace & Calming this brother and sister are so relaxed, even helpful to each other.  I know it sounds crazy but just look at this sweetness –

Kids reading

What you see there is a picture of two kids who were fighting all morning and beating each other with lightsabers 20 minutes ago.  I like to say that Peace & Calming is named for what it does for me, not them.

Peace & Calming is the one oil I never leave home without.  We use it before doctor and dentist appointments, when we’re going to a restaurant – anytime there’s a potential for nervousness or excitement to go a little overboard.  I LOVE to diffuse it during reading time and arts & crafts.

Peace & Calming is such a staple that it’s one of the 11 oils included with the Young Living Premium Starter Kit.  The kit includes eleven of the best and most useful oils Young Living offers, along with a premium diffuser, all for just $150.00!  It’s an unbeatable value!  You can click on over here to order your own Premium Starter Kit and get to experience these amazing, all natural wonders.

YL Kit

Order your own Young Living Premium Starter Kit here.

I’m so excited to be joining a few other bloggers in one fantastic blog hop giveaway!  Ready to have a little Peace & Calming in your house?  You could WIN your own bottle!  Just follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter link below to be entered.  Then be sure to visit the other bloggers that are participating in the blog hop and giveaway so you can learn more about each oil featured in the Premium Starter Kit and enter to win a bottle of the oil they’re featuring on their site.  That’s Eleven chances to win your own bottle of Young Living essential oil!  Go on, get to hoppin’!

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