Over the years of writing this blog I’ve answered thousands of questions about the ADHD Diet. And over the years I can easily say there is one type of question that has been asked exponentially more than any other. While finding acceptable substitutes for favorite foods is fairly easy, it is difficult to find resources for other non-toxic products we need to use daily. For years I’ve struggled to find resources for families like mine who don’t want to jeopardize their health because of exposure to chemicals in things like toothpaste, shampoo, and over the counter medications. It’s frustrating when you feel like you don’t have any options. Along the way I’ve gotten many questions from readers about using essential oils on the ADHD Diet in lieu of products full of toxic chemicals. I couldn’t answer those questions because I simply had no experience or knowledge about essential oils. But when the questions kept coming I finally got curious enough to explore essential oils, and what I found completely blew me away. I’m excited to be able to share this resource with you!

I started by researching the companies that produce essential oils and found one that I felt extremely comfortable with – Young Living. Their products are extremely high quality, 100% pure plant derived essential oils with no additives whatsoever. Their unique Seed to Seal guarantee ensures that the products are always safe and effective. This isn’t the case with most essential oil producers – quality REALLY matters here so be sure of what you are getting. In my research I read so many testimonials about how these Young Living oils had changed lives and solved health issues from people – it reminded me of the stories I hear from my own readers about the ADHD Diet. It’s hard to believe until you experience it for yourself. After I began talking with friends and family about Young Living I was surprised to find out that many of the people I knew were already using these oils themselves and they all had amazing things to say as well.


As a family we have been using essential oils for about six months. Young Living has a perfect Starter Kit that makes learning about essential oils so easy, and yes, even a bit fun!

Sleep Solution for Kids

My first experience with the oils is what convinced me they were going to be in our lives forever. My daughter’s stunning improvement after cutting out artificial ingredients convinced me that everyone deserves the opportunity to know what chemicals are really doing to our health. But even with the dramatic changes we have seen, her energy level is unbounded. She has never willingly gone to bed and she consistently has trouble sleeping through the night. I know this is a common problem because I get emails about this same issue from readers nearly every week. Everyone wants to know how to help their “spirited child” settle down and get a good night’s sleep. It’s a vicious circle with behavior and sleep. Not enough sleep can lead to behavior issues and behavior issues can lead to unrestful sleep. Getting restful sleep is a very important component of improving behavior.

Lavender is well known for it’s calming properties so it was naturally the first oil I reached for when my starter kit arrived. I placed one drop of lavender essential oil on each of my daughter’s feet about 30 minutes before bedtime and waited. When I told her it was time for bed I braced for the same drama we have had every night for the eight years she’s been alive. The fussing and begging and bargaining that we go through every single night is exhausting and frustrating. But this time was different, she calmly said “Okay, I’m ready.” I was caught between being stunned into silence and wanting to jump up and down with excitement. I’m not kidding when I say this is the first time in EIGHT YEARS we have not had to force this child to go to bed. She fell asleep relatively quickly and didn’t get up during the night. Okay oils, you have my attention…

Being the skeptic that I am I didn’t rush to start claiming that I’d found the answer we had been praying for. Just like when I started the ADHD Diet I needed proof that the lavender oil was what was causing the change and not some other outside influence. The last thing I want to do is to lead people into thinking something will work without proving it to myself first. So I waited and studied what I saw happening. Here we are six months later and we are still having the same results as that first night. She still goes to bed without a fight and is consistently sleeping soundly for the first time in her life. She loves the smell of the lavender oil and seems to instantly calm down as soon as she gets a whiff of it. We love to put a few drops in the bathtub along with Epsom salt to help naturally detox after an exposure to artificial ingredients. We have all ten of the Young Living everyday oils and lavender is by far my favorite.

Since that first experience at bedtime we’ve continued using lavender for all sorts of issues, and have always had amazing results. They call lavender the Swiss Army Knife of essential oils because it can help with so many things. It is truly a miracle worker for me during allergy season. One swipe across the bridge of my nose and my symptoms disappear! My husband loved how it helped soothe his sunburned skin after a day of yard work too.


How to Order Young Living Essential Oils

I started with the Young Living Premium Starter Kit, because it is such a great value. The Starter Kit comes with 10 Everyday Oils, the Home Diffuser (a $90.00 value by itself!), all the information you need to get started using your new oils, as well as a bottle of Stress Away Oil.

In future posts I’ll give you more background on each of these oils included in the Starter Kit and tell you how we’ve used them to avoid artificial ingredients with amazing results.


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